Alan Wills

AlanCardAlan grew up an only child in the rough, East End of London. Being abandoned at fifteen forced him to learn very fast:  how to make money and become self-reliant!

The author now resides in Calabasas, California, with his wife Norma Jean.  Between them they have six children and twelve grandchildren.

Alan is an artist and published poet, listed in Who’s Who in California, and Who’s Who in American Colleges.  He was a volunteer for several years with the Hunger Project, whose goal was to solve hunger by the turn of the century.  After retiring from his businesses he returned to college and graduated Magna Cum Laude with another degree.  Alan belongs to several Honor Societies, and still enjoys taking classes.

His personal goals: to share love, stay healthy, keep an active mind, and make people laugh!  Alan’s motto:  “Life is far too important to be taken totally seriously!”

He has written three auto-biographical novels which are shockingly explicit, very real, and filled with lots of humor.  Each chapter is a short-story unto itself! However, each is an important stepping stone in understanding, and learning from, the crazy life of Alan Wills!

Alan Wills’ Three Books:

Confessions of a Wanker 1 & 2 are the first of a trilogy of very humorous books, based on Alan’s unbelievable life!  At twenty-three he realizes the error of his ways being a Wanker (con-man). He is chased out of England with the Mob and Police on his tail.

Across the Pond humorously relates the huge differences between England and his new home when the Wanker immigrates to the United States. Example: he innocently asks his boss’ wife for a rubber!

Life After Divorce is warning from the Wanker to all husbands regarding the single-scene, and what awaits them should they divorce!  As always, the episodes are very humorous.

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