Silly Person?

Feedback from my first blog:

John C form Palos Verdes: Why have such a silly picture of yourself?

Alan: Because I am a silly person. Didn’t you read Alan thinks “Life is too important to be taken totally seriously!”  Thanks for the feedback John C.

Don’t worry John.  There will never be a comprehension test on my blog.

Kathy from Ventura: Re: Your picture coming out from behind the tree. I love that you commune with nature.  You are the type of man I have been looking for!

Alan: Take it easy Kathy! I am a happily married man with 6 kids and 12 grandkids.

Michael R from Woodland Hills: You look like a real nut coming out from behind a tree!

Alan: Michael, look at the relief on my face and you will know what I was doing behind the tree.

Betty: You look like a silly ass poking out from behind that bloody tree.

Alan:  English Betty – better to be a silly ass than half-assed.  Just ass yourself this question:  What was that silly person doing behind that tree? See Michael above for the answer!

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