The Miracle of Spell Check!

How did I become a writer? Being a creative speller I was ashamed to let anyone read anything I wrote.   So I didn’t write!

Then the miracle of Spell Check!

I loaned a girlfriend money which she was unable to repay. To settle the loan she gave me a Commodore 64 computer.

Next I fired an order desk person, who I would classify as nebulous.  So much so, I don’t even remember her name. She came into my office to say goodbye, and handed me an envelope, telling me not to read it until I was on the plane to Paris on a business trip. To which I complied.  I was impressed by the poem she had written, expressing her unrequited love for me, her boss. I was astounded by how few words she had used, and the impact they had on me.  Being somewhat of a chauvinist, I thought if that ordinary girl can write so well, so can I.  On the back of the envelope I wrote my first poem to my daughter, as I would be away on her birthday.

My little girl is eight today
Business takes me so far away.

And ending with:

How I miss my Julie Ann
Daddy is coming as fast as he can.

Not great poetry but she loved it, and it encouraged me to take down the Commodore and learn how to use it.  Spell Check was an epiphany that led me have the courage to write, and even let others read what I had written.

I was going through separation from my wife and children, which led to divorce. I was very alone in my little house.  It was like holding a full bottle upside down and removing the cork.  My emotions poured out … in poetry, and eventually into my first book Cockneys Ain’t So Tough.  That book eventually became Confessions of a Wanker; the first chapter is available on this website

As you can see from my photo I consider life far too important to be taken totally seriously. Confessions of a Wanker is a humorous look at my life growing up in England. It is currently being published and I will let you know where you can order.  I hope you enjoy it!

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