Fit or No Fit


“Carol, how do they look?”
“What should I be looking for?”
“The waist, does it look tight?”
“How does it feel Harry? Does it feel tight?”
“I don’t know, it felt a little snug in the store.”
“Well, pull down the zipper.”
“OK, I did that. Now what?”
“Well, it looks to me like you have to pull it together for about 3 inches, just to close it.”
“I bought 35 inch waist. I guess I should have bought a 36.”
“What do you usually buy?”
“I get 35s, but with an expandable waist.”
“Well, this one doesn’t seem to have that.”
“I told you that when I was taking it out of the store bag.”
“Did you happen to buy a 36 at the same time?”
“No, if I did, I would have told you.”
“Maybe we can call the store to see if they have any more in 36, save ourselves a trip.”
“I can’t do that.”
“Why not?”
“The girl was irritated even when I asked her to help me find some 35s”
“Were they on sale?”
“I won’t buy them if they’re not on sale.”
“That isn’t what I asked you. I asked you if they were on sale?”
“What difference does that make? They always have pants on sale.”
“OK, OK., Harry, you just don’t know where I’m coming from.”
“Where ARE you coming from Carol?”
“Remember I used to be in the retail business. It used to be that the manufacturer decided if the merchandise can be marked down.”
“What does that have to do with these pants?”
“Well, if you could find a salesperson that’s been in the men’s department for at least a year, they probably know when a certain brand goes on sale. Then you could be on the lookout for the sale and you wouldn’t have to go through this size business.”
“Damn it, Carol, all I wanted you to tell me was if the pants looked good.”
“OK, did you try on any 36s when you were at the store?”
“No, because you weren’t with me.”
“Why did I have to be with you?”
“Cause it’s just not the waist I’m worried about, it’s the problem of the pants being too baggy in the back.”
“Why couldn’t you ask the salesperson to help you with that?”
“Are you kidding? They’ll tell you anything to make a sale.”
“So, what do you want from me, Harry? You shoot down every suggestion I make.”
“Nothing, Carol, you don’t have to do a damned thing. I’m leaving right now before we go any further with this.”
“Where are you going?”
“To the thrift store down the street…BY MYSELF !!!”

By Geri Jabara

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