The First Month Results

August ended our first month of
What a month it was for submissions:

9    Short Stories
2     Poems
2     Book Chapters
4     Blog Entries

We are now also on Facebook and Twitter.

I encourage readers to submit your Critiques on the above works!

This web site   is FREE and available to all LifeStyle Writing Groups and Writing Classes around the world!   Submissions and Critiques from readers around the globe will make all of us better writers!

Some of the comments we have received:

Q.  Why are you doing this? How can you make money?
A.   Unlike many of the other Writing Forums, we are not trying to make money! web site was created to encourage new writers to show their talents, and get Critiques from readers and other writers, which will make a better writers’ community worldwide!

Q.  How do you plan to compete with so many other Writers Forums?
A.  Word of Mouth. There are hundreds, even thousands, of LifeStyle Writing Groups in the U.S. Plus every school and college has writing classes.  Add to that the numbers of writers who now Self Publish, and our prospective audience worldwide is in the millions.

We encourage you – our reader – to tell all your friends, family and other writers about

Looking forward to many, many, many more submissions in September.

News:  Bernard Selling, the author of Writing from Within, the “Writers’ Bible” used across the U.S by thousands of LifeStyle writing groups and classes, will be submitting chapters in September.   Bernard currently has five published books on writing, which he will share with us in the months to come!

Talk about on all the Social Media sites to help build our website!

One thought on “The First Month Results

  1. What a fun and nice thing you are doing. Haven’t seen you lately as I have been staying in Santa Monica and wintering in Baja near Todas Santos.

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