The Students’ Sacred Space

Genius Reserve

I will not move from this place
but stay here
where the soft breeze
brings coolness
not allowing the patches of sun
to disturb me
and where I hear
the quiet of the wind,
the interruption
of the birds’ chatter
a layered collage
of their speech
and that of the airplanes
their engines seeming
to blend
working their sounds
into the overhead periphery
of this place
making the return
to quiet, not silence
even better.

I am at peace
and I am not on my yoga mat
or in a directed meditation
or in my bed
but sit upright
on my fabric folding chair
resting my feet on a log,
and I allow myself to listen
to know that the meowing-like
sound is that of a peacock
I have not yet seen
nor even want to see
but have heard.

I want to stay
in this quiet place
that is not silent,
a place I do not
want to see now
but hear
until I know
it is time to let
the subtle sounds go
and let my gaze lift
when I can say,
“I see you”
and I am still listening.

Winter Park, Florida

By Florence Ames

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