Life Writing Check List

by Bernard Selling

  1. Is my story written in the first person and in the present tense?
  2. Have I stripped the story of adult, intellectual language?
  3. Are my feelings in the story?
  4. Do the details and actions make the story clearer and more
  5. Does the dialogue help tell the story?
  6. Have I kept to one well-focused incident at a time?
  7. Are the characters interesting, perhaps unforgettable? Are their
    qualities evident?
  8. Are my feelings about the event clearly expressed?
  9. Have I created a monologue to convey inner thoughts and feelings?
  10. Have I improvised the facts where my memory has failed?
  11. Is the spine of my story clear?
  12. Did I Find an effective starting point? Did I begin with action or
  13. Is my story visual?
  14. Did I find and expand the climax to the story?

Page 93    Writing from Within

This book has become the Bible for hundreds of Life Writing Groups &
Writing Classes across the country and around the World!

Bernard Selling’s books:  Writing from Within and Writing from Deeper Within
on writing are published by Turner Publishing and are available from Barnes and Noble, and Amazon. They are Must Haves for all Writers – Alan Wills, editor,

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