Happy Healthy Happy 100!

My wife, Norma, and I just attended a very informative seminar given by Jerry Kornfeld MD “Living to 100 with Quality”.  He told us Aging Is Not A Disease.  There are more 100 year old people today than ever before.  He expects the next generation will live to be 120 and the following generation 135.

His theory is simple:   DEA = Diet, Exercise and Attitude  

Diet = no Red Meat – or  no more than once a month. Fish and Shellfish the main protein, along with chicken, fruits, nuts and vegetables. Red wine in moderation, and low or non-fat dairy products.  No deep fried foods –  fat turns into trans-fat when heated … a heart attack waiting to happen.

Exercise = Brisk walk 30 minutes or more 5 to 7 days a week.  Dr. Kornfeld showed us pictures of a woman at 86 working out on parallel bars. A man breaking the Senior Record for the 100 yard dash at 98; the previous record was set by an 82 year old.  We can firm up our muscles at any age and lower our BMI.

Attitude = Quit saying we are old, or too old to do this and that. We have the power to control our health with positive thoughts and actions.  What we think we become.

Join us on our Quest:  Norma and I are planning to live to be a Happy, Healthy 100!

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