A Heavenly Pizza

I couldn’t lose in despair, I wouldn’t beg in defeat
As I set out to find the perfect pizza to eat

Searched the high seas, even sailed Down Under
Hired a private eye, but that sure was a blunder

No it had to be me, me by myself
No expense would be spared, not even my health

If I were to find the perfect pizza to eat
I needed to focus on one miraculous feat

To amass enough wisdom which I could empower
As I searched for the pizza that I would devour

I rode cars, boats and buses, trains and I flew
To the White House and Buckingham Palace too

No oven unopened, every chef would be checked
Stadiums, commissaries, lakes where teens necked

I was dying to find the perfect pizza to eat
Nothing would stop me, I could not be beat

Days turned to weeks, then to months, then to years
A taste of that pizza would end all of my fears

Then one day I was stunned, it was hard to perceive
That incredible aroma, I just couldn’t believe

I died as I knew that I had found my true love
A Heavenly Pizza, a gift from Above

By Robert Solomowitz

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