Robert Solomowitz


Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Rob works as the Clinic Director of a reversing Diabetes clinic in Sherman Oaks. He resides in Calabasas, CA, not far from his two grown kids who are the inspiration of his life, since he lost his dad when he was only three.

Rob started writing poetry in his teens. Most of his early writing was inspired by his relationships with girls and the feelings he had in nature. He graduated from Manhattan based Baruch College and moved to Los Angeles the day after his college graduation because of a girl.

Rob has won poetry contests and been published over the years and after writing hundreds of poems, Rob started writing children’s stories in rhyme, because it was more of a challenge. Rob’s favorite author was Dr. Seuss and to this day, Rob feels there’s a little Dr. Seuss in everything he writes.

And Rob will continue writing poetry and children’s stories because he feels…it is his passion.

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