We Lost

(the day John Lennon was murdered)

Four tiny insects, came from afar
four hairy Beatles, one day would be stars

One was named Paul – the joker was he
one was named Ringo – a Starr you see
one was named George – quiet he be
and one was named John – for peace was he

They all sang together and opened our eyes
with music called Rock, men screamed, women cried
Hero revolutioners because they created
a sound most applauded, a sound some debated

You see they grew out of reach
and they grew far apart
we all regretted hearing
about the Beatles depart

But we remembered what they did
and we remembered who they were
and we prayed for that day
we’d see them together once more

Those reporters and promoters
who had tried to secure
but like Humpty, who remained parted
we never saw them anymore

Cause they exited to their own lives
but we still held a torch
for that one day they would surface
but on December 8th, WE LOST

By Robert Solomowitz

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