Like to say forever
Maybe before that
Sun has had no rival
Double check the stat
Shines so bright
Flaunts its heat
Cooks the sand
Burns your feet
Then there’s mr moon
A cool and welcome light
Always so damn chill
Not spoilin for a fight
Rarely thought of daytime
Couldn’t give two fucks
Time to dip and slumber
The sounds of rooster clucks
But then they say that word got back
Mars and his big mouth
A peaceful planetary friendship
Was quickly headed south
Sun was boasting, not that strange
“Moon freak ain’t so hot”
“Whose a mighty, giant-ass flame
And whose a scrawny dot?”
“Burn his ass!” said Venus
“Stay cool, bro” from Mars
“Thanks so much dear planets,
I’m the king of stars”
Once the plot was planned out
Moonboy zipped it tight
21st of August comes
I will make things right”
Crowds began a forming
A hundred million, maybe more
Toe to toe and arm to arm
From Chuchtown to Port, OR
The day for Moonies sneak attack
Had dawned this day, alas!
The dark turned dark as night and then
Ol Moonboy zipped off fast
He headed home and tried to hide
Lay low till things cooled off
But Sun Kings heat, it hardly waned
Would Moony broil like broth?
But rest assured this all ends well
And cooler heads won out
The prankster made a solemn vow
To steer clear of Sun’s route
Now everything is normal
But one day that will change
And Moony will appear once more
To share the daytime stage

by Acy Burnes Crawford

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