To My Wife

Norma Jean

When I say “I Love You” I mean I love you absolutely

I will not Love you more tomorrow …
Because of your noble and magnificent works
Nor will your failings cause me to love you less …

I love you not for the title that you bear in this world
Nor for what you may do or have
Though all that is a part of you …
I love you for the deep down hidden part of you that is real …

The part of you that knows joy and laughter …
and pain … the part of you that knows fear …
and hunger … and loneliness, the you that knows grief
and loss of love … ecstasy and exhilaration …

I am moved by you … I am touched by your need …
your vulnerability …
and I am inspired by your courage
your willingness to go on, your great capacity for love

I know who you are and I am in awe …
My love for you is complete
There is nothing left
to make it better, or more …

Now you know how it is that I love you …
know also that in that way I know you love me
It is finished … our love is perfect …
Let us now simply live and enjoy it!

My Darling, I will love you forever … 

by Alan Wills

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One thought on “To My Wife

  1. Dear Alan,

    Your heartfelt words brought me to tears. How blessed you both are to share your lives together and how blessed we are to be a part of your circle of love.

    Much Love,

    Diane and Michael


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