Car Accident

 Almost every day, for three months, my family has been around my hospital bed. Although I am in a coma I can hear what is being said.

“You know Rocky, we all love you. However, this hospital is costing a fortune. We are trying to decide if we should pull the plug” my wife says flippantly.

Are you nuts, I think.  If I can hear you I must be getting better!

Andrew my eldest son stands. “Dad, for what it is costing for this medical equipment keeping you on life support, all three of us children could go to college.”

Selfish ungrateful wrench, I think, Andrew you’re out of the will that’s for sure!

“Dad while you’ve been here, I’ve learned to drive you red and white 1952 Corvette. My middle son Danny says. If you die, please leave me the car! It’s a real chick magnet! Oh, I will miss you Dad!”

Who said I am going to die?  Who said you could drive my car? I think.

Doctor Smith comes into the room. “Well Mrs. Williams have you made up your mind If you are going to take him off life-support?”

“Well doctor not quite yet.”

What’s my best friend Joe doing here? I think, as he walks over and puts his hand on my wife’s shoulder. You know Linda, we have loved each other for years. It would be a blessing to let Rocky go!”

Christ, Linda and Joe have had an affair for years? Have I been that stupid? I think.

“Daddy, I don’t want you to die!” My Daughter Jill says. “I want you to walk me down the aisle, first!”

So, then I can die! Is that what you are saying little girl?

Doctor Smith walks to my bedside and looks in my eyes. “Heavens, I believe Mr. Williams can understand what we are saying, his eyes reflect his emotions as each of you speaks.”

“Now Rocky, Joe was only kidding about us loving each other for years. He loves both you and me, his’s your best friend. We both want you to get better.”

“Dad I only dreamed of driving your Corvette!  Honest! “Danny says.

Sure Danny, I think, what you don’t know is that I log the millage each time I drive my classic car. So, there will be hell to pay if you have really driven my beauty!

And now you Andrew, I think, you want them to pull the plug, so you can go to college “Not only are you out of my will!” Suddenly I hear my own words.  “You can get out of my house and get a job, as soon as I get out of hospital,”

“Rocky” my wife says and throws her arms around me, “You’re back!”

“Get away from me you adulteress hussy. Go off and marry Joe, you deserve each other!”

 “Thank you, Doctor Smith, I sure learned a lot while in the coma.”

By Alan Wills

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