Big Sister, Middle Child


I’m bigger than my sister.
She’s much smaller than me.
I do things that she can’t do,
And sometimes she pesters me.

I’m older than my sister,
She’s much younger than me.
I’m taller too – I can do,
A very much more than she.

I can jump so much higher,
I can even tie my shoe.
I can also write my name,
That’s more than she can do.

But still I love my sister,
And she sure looks up to me.
Soon she’ll grow, and then she’ll know
Well, almost as much as me!


I’m not so big or little,
I fit right in the middle.
Like the cream in a cookie,
I’m as sweet as I can be!

I sure don’t like to be teased.
Sometimes I really feel squeezed,
So then I push up up up,
And I push down, down and down,
Because I’m in the middle.

Too many times I do hear,
“You’re too small for this, my dear.”
“You’re too big for that, my dear.”
And they always do compare!
Now I ask you, is that fair?

Really, truly, I’m just me,
That is all I want to be.
So please just let me be me,
Then I promise you’ll see,
How special I really am!

By Sylvia Molesko

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