Eva Montealegre

The RED-CARPET NOIR series has been researched by Eva Montealegre who began her writing career working first as a historical researcher for the Department of Defense in radio and television. She created THE SHAPING OF AMERICA, featuring little known facts about contributions to American history by women and minorities based on her research all of which is now on file with the United States Information Bureau. The first in her crime series is BODY ON THE BACKLOT. Luckily, Montealegre’s crime writing research includes interviews and time spent with homicide detectives, the coroner’s office and convicted criminals. She has also interviewed numerous crime writers including Barbara Seranella, Robert Eversz, TJ Parker and Michael Connelly.

Montealegre grew up on her father’s showboat restaurant, The River Queen, docked in St. Louis. It was a hotbed of adultery, politics, delicious food and great music. Her mother, a researcher & investigative journalist for the papers and St. Louisan Magazine, dragged Eva through every neighborhood in St. Louis from aristocratic homes to crime-infested alleys. A combination of earthy artistic expression and intellectual pursuits formed Eva from a young age with in-depth engagements into the worlds of art, film, theatre, and music, ultimately forging her into the LA crime author of Red-Carpet Noir featuring female investigator, Joan Lambert. Visit the author’s page at www.redcarpetnoir.com

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