My Life Stories – Grandpa Remembers

Introduction:  I write these stories so they won’t be forgotten … Excerpt from Book – Prologue 0 to 1929 (Before I was born) Zayde Kalman Leaves Russia I come home from school and open the front door with the key that hangs around my neck on a string. Mom yells from the kitchen, Is that you, … Continue reading My Life Stories – Grandpa Remembers

Scary, Scary Night -Chapter 1

It’s murder most funny as 20-somethings Prudence and Derek start Halloween by arriving late at the costume store— mostly because Derek hates anything to do with bodies, coffins, ghosts and all things ghoulish. Turns out, the store manager has a dead body he needs to offload, that he decides to stash in the local funeral … Continue reading Scary, Scary Night -Chapter 1

Confessions of a Wanker – Book 2, Chapter 42

The Dreaded Miss Heathcliff When I arrive at the store, at five-thirty P.M, I see Danny at his workbench; head slumped down over a typewriter. I know Miss Heathcliff is running him ragged.  He has been looking very tired and very pale lately. “You asleep on the bloody job Danny?” “I ain’t feeling so ‘ot, … Continue reading Confessions of a Wanker – Book 2, Chapter 42