Ishrat Husain

My name is Ishrat Husain. I’m a physician and also a fiction writer. I have an MFA and also hold a certificate in creative writing from UCLA. I have written many short stories which have been published in magazines. I have also written two novels which are awaiting publication. I’m sending you a short story called “Swept Away.”
My website is
Thank you for your attention.

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Scott Skipper

Scott Skipper is a California fiction writer with a broad range of interests, including history, genealogy, travel, science, and current events. His wry outlook on life infects his novels with biting sarcasm. Political correctness is taboo. His work includes historical fiction, alternative history, novelized biography, science fiction, political satire, and now even a love story. He is a voracious reader and habitual and highly opinionated reviewer. Learn more at Follow on Twitter @SSkipperAuthor and Facebook/ScottSkipperAuthor

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Florence Ames

Florence grew up in Brooklyn, NY.

She received a BA in English and an MA as a reading teacher.

She lived in New Jersey for 54 years and became interested in poetry when The Dodge Foundation offered free poetry workshops to New Jersey teachers. Her poetry has appeared in THE PATERSON LITERARY REVIEW, LIPS, REVELRY, and THE AMERICAN VOICE IN POETRY: The Legacy of Whitman, William, and Ginsberg.

She moved to Los Angeles three years ago and is enjoying being a member of The Writing Group in Woodland Hills.

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Ruth Lathrop

My name is Ruth Lathrop. I have recently joined The California Writers Club. I am a retired third grade teacher who now had time to pursue writing. I am in the process of writing a children’s book. We were asked by a member of my book club to write a story about ourselves. I waited to the last minute and couldn’t think of any thing exciting about my life. I came across a note I’d written a long time ago. It said, my life has been reduced to notes. I was reminded of Ray Bradbury’s The Illustrated Man. I sat down and started writing this story titled The Illustrated Woman. I hope you find it humorous and it puts a smile on your face. I think all of us after a certain age need to write a note or two.
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Sheila S Moss

Born in the midwest, Sheila claims California as her adopted state.

Her parents ran a weekly newspaper in Sun Prairie, WI. She received her BS degree in journalism and education and a master’s degree from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, where she met her New Yorker husband.

Upon graduation, the couple moved to California where she did PR for the Los Angeles Community College District and the PKU Newsletter for Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.

Sheila returned to teaching and retired in 1992, after more than 20 years of teaching. A member of California Writers Club, San Fernando Valley Branch, she enjoys the spirited Friday Critique group.

She’s the mother of two adult sons, Aaron and David and four precious grandchildren ranging from 10 to 12.

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Dina Souchotinsky-Klayman

Born in January 1928, Dina Souchotinsky-Klayman was 12 when Hitler sent his troops into Belgium following the outset of World War II.

The invasion on May 10, 1940, started her family on a seven-month journey across France, Spain and Portugal, on the way to the relative safety of England.

Dina Klayman recently completed a biography about her father and World War II memories, and she’s seeking a publisher to print the book called “Escaping to Freedom in the Eye of a Hurricane.”

In the years before the war, Dina’s father, Voulf Souchotinsky, turned in many spies to the Belgian authorities, and he was active in getting German Jews over the border so they could escape to unoccupied countries in the west.


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Robert Solomowitz


Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Rob works as the Clinic Director of a reversing Diabetes clinic in Sherman Oaks. He resides in Calabasas, CA, not far from his two grown kids who are the inspiration of his life, since he lost his dad when he was only three.

Rob started writing poetry in his teens. Most of his early writing was inspired by his relationships with girls and the feelings he had in nature. He graduated from Manhattan based Baruch College and moved to Los Angeles the day after his college graduation because of a girl.

Rob has won poetry contests and been published over the years and after writing hundreds of poems, Rob started writing children’s stories in rhyme, because it was more of a challenge. Rob’s favorite author was Dr. Seuss and to this day, Rob feels there’s a little Dr. Seuss in everything he writes.

And Rob will continue writing poetry and children’s stories because he feels…it is his passion.

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Michael Lunsford


Now I’m a published author, poet and playwright. I’m also a lyricist, composer, pianist, guitarist, inventor, entrepreneur, UI designer and mobile app developer with 27 patents and 14 non-fiction books on computer technology published by Bantam, Simon & Schuster and other top publishers.

My Halloween play, SCARY, SCARY NIGHT, was published as a comedy in 2014 and as a musical in 2015. The comedy was selected as a semi-finalist in the annual Playwrights First contest in New York, then as a winner in the WILDsound Festival and finally as a finalist and winner of the Shawnee Original Playwright Series with sold-out performances in October, 2016. The musical version was also selected as a finalist at the New York Venus/Adonis Festival and as a semi-finalist in Caryl Crane Youth Theatre’s Ronald M. Ruble New Play Festival.

My book of wacky kid’s poems, SOMETIMES I GET MY SHOES ON BACKWARDS, was self-published in 2014, receiving five-star reviews. In 2015, this book received the Readers’ Favorite Five Stars Award and was subsequently announced a Winner of the 2015 Readers’ Favorite International Book Award Contest.

I’m a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, the South Bay Writers Club, the NYC Playwrights Group and other creative arts organizations. With my wife and love of my life, Merlyn, I currently live and work happily in San Carlos, California. My primary focus at this time is writing middle grade adventure books.

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Judy Liebman

ejudyliebman121216Judy Liebman grew up in Hollywood and attended Fairfax High. She earned her Master’s degree in Political Science at UCLA.

At Lockheed she was the head of The Management Association.  Then became the secretary to the student Body President at Cal State Northridge.

Judy has two beautiful daughters and a wonderful granddaughter.

She is the longest standing member of The Writing Group, originally taught by Bernard Selling.  Judy makes the meeting arrangements of The Writing Group, now with twenty-four members.  They meet in the conference room every other Wednesday at Bella Vista, Woodland Hills.

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Evelyn Goodman

I was an English teacher for twenty-seven years. During that time, I taught Middle and Senior High School English, Creating Writing and Journalism. I obtained my Master’s Degree in Speech Communication, and my Community College Credential in English and Speech Communication. I taught at Valley College and CSUN. I also earned my School Administrative Credential during this same period.

In the eighties, I coached B’nai Brith youth to become leaders in the Jewish community; I also coached and prepared advisors to lead the youth.

During the early nineties, I participated in amateur theater through my Synagogue.

In 2012, I went back to school and earned a Certificate in Paralegal studies.

However, one of the highlights of my current life is this Life Writing Group. It has vastly improved my writing and forced me to remember sad and happy times as I was growing up. As I put these stories onto paper, it makes them come alive, and enhances my life. I am very honored to be a part of this loving and professional group of writers.

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Ron Lever


Ron grew up in Saint Louis, MO, during the depression.

When he was six his family moved to Los Angeles. He graduated from Roosevelt High School. Then went to UCLA for his college education, and on to The University of California  to study medicine.  Ron was a Urologist in the San Fernando Valley.

Ron started writing his book My Life Stories – Grandpa Remembers   2 years ago. Being proud of his Jewish family he wanted to pass on their stories to future generations. His story starts with his grandparents fleeing from Czarist Russian.

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Renate Colvin

eRenateColvinPhoto083116Renate was born in Manheim Germany.

She moved when she was 14, with her parents, to Van Nuys, CA, in 1950, where she attended Van Nuys Jr High. Then  graduated from Hollywood High School and became a bookkeeper.

She was a stay-at-home mom to four children. Renate was a member of The WritingClass, studying under Bernard Selling, for many years.

She writes interesting stories, including from the perspective of a young girl growing up in war-torn Germany during the Second World War.

Renate is an avid cyclist, who enjoys traveling by bicycle to see many different countries.

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Bernard Selling


The well-known teacher and author, Bernard Selling, has joined .  Bernard’s first book Writing from Within is used by thousands of Life-Style Writing Groups across the US, and many foreign countries. Bernard followed his success with Writing from Within, with a sequel Writing from Deeper Within.  Both books are available from  Bernard’s books have become the “Bible” of Creativity and Life Story Writing!

Bernard started his career as a producer and director of movies.  Over the years he’s taught writing at colleges and for private groups throughout Southern California.

Currently, one of his latest scripts is about to be made into a movie.

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Note: Bernard Selling’s books on writing are published by Turner Publishing and may be ordered from

Peter Bruno


Born: Brooklyn, New York. Enlisted in US Army at 18 years of age.  My entire tour of duty was Ludwigsburg, Germany.

Upon discharge, I enrolled in Actors Dramatic Workshop in NYC and also had private lessons from Lee Strasberg.  After two years of study, I needed a day job.

I moved to Los Angeles, California, and became a Los Angeles Police Officer and retired after 26 years. In that time I also married and raised 2 children.

I studied writing life-short-stories, loving every minute of writing True stories. Here I am with gripping, loving and tragic episodes of my life. Come aboard be entertained.

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